Convex Mirrors…

10 09 2013

Just today I was driving in my truck and was saved by a unique piece of equipment that i believe all vehicles need, a convex mirror. I was driving up Maize Rd when I used all my other mirrors to get a look to see what was around me. It all looked clear, nobody in site, so I thought I would make a lane change, and then I checked my convex mirror. I am glad I did because of a car that had been driving in my blind spot that I could only see in the convex mirror. If I hadn’t of checked that mirror, I would have swiped the little cars front end right off their car. I do not think I could drive my large truck without my convex mirrors. The convex mirror cannot see very far, it is only for up close use. It’s shape is odd, so until you get use to using it, it can be hard to know what you are seeing or trusting what you see in it. But it’s one job is to allow you to see in your blind spot. A spot that is around your vehicle that is almost blind to you unless you can spin your head all the way around.

In thinking that through, right after being saved by my little mirror, it made me think of the importance of having people in my life that act as convex mirrors. People who help me to see the blind spots in my life that need attention. Those areas you need to be held accountable in. Areas I think are fine but may not be honoring others or God. Areas I just cannot see. Areas where I am headed in one direction but I am about to run over someone and can be warned before someone gets hurt.

I am thankful for people God has placed in my life who have helped me grow to where I am now and for people who are currently helping me grow to the next level.

So if you do not have a person in your life to help you see in your blind spots, find one. The problem, you just cannot run to Autozone to buy one like you can the convex mirror.

Remember – Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Be open to trusting some to help sharpen you!


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