Lunch with Vinny…

5 01 2012

Whenever I do lunch with my buddy Vinny I am always encouraged, challenged or changed some how. All toward the good, never toward the bad. Vinny has a remarkable outlook and perception of life and the Word of God.

Here’s what I gleaned today… As we were driving to one of our favorite eating spots, Bubba’s Naked BBQ, I mentioned to him how wild it is to drive down the road at 50+ mph and have cars just a few feet away from you going the other way traveling the same speed. We go into curves and as we curve into them the curve away from us. It is like a dance. It is also like there is an invisible wall that protects us, but there’s not. But for the most part, if everyone follows the same rules, we are safe.

He explains it like this. When out on the road we make 1000+s of decisions everyday. Those decisions are based off he same book we study in order to receive a drivers licence. We are all playing by the same rules and guidelines that have been put in place to protect us while we are out on the road. As long as we know the book, believe the book to be true for our benefit,  obey the book, and make decisions based on the book – all is safe on the road.

Then he went on to talk about the Bible and our life. We talked about if everyone know the book, believe the book to be true for our benefit, obey the book, and make decisions based on the book – how our world would be different.

(Now I did paraphrase much of our discussion)

But what would our world be like if we all believe and lived by the book, the Bible? Mmmmmmm…….

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One response

5 01 2012
Steve Neeley

That is a radical thought, one that I also do think about. If we followed the rules f the land for fear (Respect) of the laws that are to be inforced by our police, how much more should we want to follow the laws that are written in a book (the Bible) that will only increase our enjoyment here in this land that we live in only by the Grace of God who has placed us here at this precise moment in tme. We are the ones that wish to place all the burden of worry and unrest upon ourselves. I just Love that thought that God allowed you to write about. Keep it up. look forward to more.

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