Convex Mirrors…

10 09 2013

Just today I was driving in my truck and was saved by a unique piece of equipment that i believe all vehicles need, a convex mirror. I was driving up Maize Rd when I used all my other mirrors to get a look to see what was around me. It all looked clear, nobody in site, so I thought I would make a lane change, and then I checked my convex mirror. I am glad I did because of a car that had been driving in my blind spot that I could only see in the convex mirror. If I hadn’t of checked that mirror, I would have swiped the little cars front end right off their car. I do not think I could drive my large truck without my convex mirrors. The convex mirror cannot see very far, it is only for up close use. It’s shape is odd, so until you get use to using it, it can be hard to know what you are seeing or trusting what you see in it. But it’s one job is to allow you to see in your blind spot. A spot that is around your vehicle that is almost blind to you unless you can spin your head all the way around.

In thinking that through, right after being saved by my little mirror, it made me think of the importance of having people in my life that act as convex mirrors. People who help me to see the blind spots in my life that need attention. Those areas you need to be held accountable in. Areas I think are fine but may not be honoring others or God. Areas I just cannot see. Areas where I am headed in one direction but I am about to run over someone and can be warned before someone gets hurt.

I am thankful for people God has placed in my life who have helped me grow to where I am now and for people who are currently helping me grow to the next level.

So if you do not have a person in your life to help you see in your blind spots, find one. The problem, you just cannot run to Autozone to buy one like you can the convex mirror.

Remember – Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Be open to trusting some to help sharpen you!


A Good Blog on Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Internet

13 09 2012

It is amazing how many parents I observe who keep their kids safe from everything but totally miss the boat when it comes to technology. Here is a link to a good blog from a Children’s Ministry Leader well versed in this area.
Follow this Link Craig Jutila

A Great Day Of Training!

26 08 2012

Wow! What a day! Started with Awana Conference at West E Free. Then finished with In School Bible Club Training. I was great to make some new contacts, be stretched by other leaders and spend the day encouraging & being encouraged by other people who share the same passion. The passion of serving our God by serving our kids and families!

A special thanks for Jeff and Pat, our new Awana Missionaries. Thanks to Joel and Veronica, Awana Missionaries in the Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri area and really good friends. And a big thanks to Vickie Long, Campus Kids Director.

I promise I will get the training material I promised online. Give me two weeks and it will be up. Subscribe to this blog and you will get an email when I post it.

Now let’s go and make an IMPACT in families lives this week.


Happy Mothers Day!

8 05 2012

Skit Guys – Being Mom from skitguys on GodTube.


13 12 2011

Click here for the new SPLINK’

Operation Christmas Child sets a new record for South Central Kansas…

5 12 2011

Read the OCC News Letter 2011 Dec newsletter

A Stand for Their Faith…

12 10 2011

From Focus on the Family…

Dear Friend,

In the past several months, we have shared with you many stories of religious liberty being threatened by groups wanting nothing less than to sanitize every reference to religion in the public square. It’s clear that we can’t afford to take our religious freedoms for granted. But this week, I want to share an inspirational story from Bell County, Ky.

Shortly after school went back into session, students and staff at Bell County High School learned they could no longer begin sporting events with their long-standing tradition of prayer. This past summer, an organization known as Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a formal complaint to the school district stating several students had complained about the prayers. The school complied—but thankfully, the fans didn’t.

  Watch this week’s CitizenLink Report, in which Stuart Shepard and I show the inspirational footage from Bell County and discuss our right to religious freedom. Watch our important video update now >

At the start of Bell County’s homecoming game, hundreds of fans showed up wearing t-shirts that read “Let Us Pray.” During the “moment of silence” that had replaced the prayer, fans took it upon themselves to stand up for their right to express their faith, reciting various prayers audibly, including The Lord’s Prayer.

I am so encouraged to see this strong display of faith, especially in the face of adversity. The Freedom from Religion Foundation stands on a premise that exists nowhere in the U.S. Constitution or law—that somewhere, somehow there is a protection from religion. In reality, we have protection for religion. Our 1st Amendment protects our right to express our faith, openly and freely.

Please join me in prayer for the citizens of Bell County as they stand up for their religious freedom, as well as for others who are facing similar opposition. We must continue to respond with grace and truth as we speak up for what we believe.

For faith and family,

Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President, Government & Public Policy


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