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30 11 2012

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7 11 2012

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7 11 2012

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31 10 2012

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22 10 2012

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8 10 2012

Good Friday…

7 04 2012

Parents, today was good Friday. A day that some say we shouldn’t celebrate but I think I would disagree. Without good Friday, the day Christ died on the cross, we would have nothing to celebrate for Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday, the day Christ was raised from the dead. The day that Christ beat death, so now we can be raised from our dead state when we believe in Him.
I want to encourage you to not hide Good Friday from you kids so they can understand the punishment for our sin. The punishment that Christ took on Himself. He took our sin so we wouldn’t have to. Without the Christ taking our sin, there would be no hope for us. We would be eternally separated forever from God.
Celebrate the gift that God gave us with your child this Sunday. But without Friday, there would be no Easter Sunday.
I pray you have a great Easter with your family. I pray you will have the opportunity to share the truth of God’s Son with your children if they have not accepted Him as their Personal Savior.
Happy Easter!


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